Origami Update & Spring Workshop

In addition to offering an origami segment during the SJA Ikebana event in January (fan and Mt.Fuji), we did another Origami Workshop, the last one of the winter workshops on 2/13.  It was right before Valentine’s Day, so we folded two kinds of Hearts, and a sweet Cup Cake!  Naoko-sensei taught the first Heart, and shared how we can include our love message inside the Hearts.  The second Heart, a 2 color Heart, was a bit complicated, but everyone followed Michiko-sensei’s instructions thoroughly and folded so well!  Some did multiple Hearts!  The last was a Cup Cake by Satoko-sensei.  Everyone’s colorful cupcakes looked so yummy and perfect for getting ready for Valentine’s Day!  Hope everyone enjoyed the workshop as much as we did   We are offering the spring workshop from March.  Please register via the flyer. Hope to see you there!