Youth Class: Sakura saku ondo

Another fun class with Jennifer-sensei! We learned how to order at a restaurant and practiced Sakura Saku Ondo or a Japanese folk dance!

At restaurant. We learned how to order food and how many. Key phrases are:

  • 〇〇をください。(〇〇 o kudasai. = 〇〇, please.)
  • 〇〇と△△をください。(〇〇 to △△ o kudasai. = 〇〇 and △△, please.)
  • 1つ(Hitotsu)、2つ(Futatsu)、3つ(Mittsu)、4つ(Yottsu)、5つ(Itsutsu)…. 
  • ドーナッツを2つください。(Doonattsu o futatsu kudasai. = Two donuts, please.)

Order donuts with Erin. Check out how Erin orders her donuts

Just like cherry trees! Dancing Sakura saku ondo

桜咲く音頭 (Sakura Saku Ondo).  We also practiced Sakura Saku Ondo or Blooming Cherry Dance with Satoko-sensei. This will be a finale of the Japan Day on March 31. Do you want to dance like cherry blossoms? Check out the music video

Resources – Japanese e-Learning Minato : This is a free website offered by Japan Foundation and so much fun! Self-study courses range from Hiragana to Japanese in anime&manga! Sign up for the website, and you are ready to go. 

Adult Class: Haiku, Japanese Poetry

Do you know haiku, Japanese poetry? It is the shortest 5-7-5 combination of letters/phrases. We also learned “kigo”, seasonal phrases, and tried to match those words with four seasons. It was a bit difficult, but a fun exposure to Japanese culture and language!