Hello there! It’s the SJA Youth Committee, here with an exciting announcement: we are beginning the SJA Youth Blogs! Right here on sjastudy.org, you’ll be getting weekly blog posts from us about a whole host of topics. There will be articles on the things we’re most passionate about, current events related to Japan, and updates about SJA told from a youth lens. We will also hope to have guest bloggers once a month contribute their stories, too. Stay tuned!

Keep reading for more information about the bloggers:

Anna Fry

はじめまして! I’m Anna, and I very much look forward to being able to share my passion for Japanese culture and for SJA through this youth blog! I am the secretary of the SJA Board, and I work closely with the Outreach and the Arts subcommittees. I am a junior in high school and have been studying Japanese for 3 years now. My motivation to learn Japanese comes from my dream to study fashion in Japan, so look forward to news on Japanese fashion in some of my blog posts! 


Maya Green

こんにちは!My name is Maya, and I am a board member and on the Youth Committee for SJA! I am a senior at Washington-Liberty High School. I am in my third year of studying Japanese and am applying to colleges in Japan. My interest in Japan comes from being part Japanese on my mom’s side. I watch a lot of anime with my family; we really enjoy discovering new anime together. I’ve been to Japan and would like to go back as soon as we are able to travel!


Sophia Field

Hey y’all! I’m Sophia and I’m part of the SJA Board, as well as a Youth Committee member and Event Committee member. I’m a senior at Arlington Tech, and will hopefully be heading off to college next year! My interest in Japan comes from my mom showing me classic Japanese animes at a young age. I’m also interested in all styles of martial arts, with 10+ years of training, which definitely plays a big role in my interest. Sadly, I’ve been unable too travel to Japan yet, but I do plan on going sometime in the next few years. I can’t wait to write some blog posts for y’all!

Talk to you again soon!

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