Online Seminar

Introduction to AP Japanese Exam

October 17, 2020
7 pm (EST)

60 Minutes

Are you interested in taking the AP Japanese exam this year? The exam date will be on May 5, 2021. But the exam registration deadline is in the early November (varies by schools). If you wonder; whether you should take it or not, how to prepare, or what materials to use, please join us for this seminar.  A teacher who teachers AP Japanese will provide information and answer your questions on the Zoom session. 

Bring your questions to the webinar for a live Q&A session.

What You’ll Learn:

– Overview and history of AP Exam
– Exam Structure and Content
– Scores and College credit

Mr. Koji Otani
Japanese Teacher
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Mr. Otani began teaching in the Japanese immersion program at Floris Elementary School, then was named lead teacher.  In 2006, he joined the staff at TJHSST, where he teaches Japanese 1, 2, 3, Advanced Placement, and 5.

As a professional educator, Mr. Otani has been a member of the SAT Japanese Exam Development Committee, an instructor in the Virginia Governor’s Japanese Language Academy, an Advanced Placement (AP) reader for the AP Japanese and Culture exam, co-chair of the AP Japanese and Culture Development Committee, an advisor to the Japanese Language Education Advocacy and Resource Network, a judge and evaluator of George Washington University’s J-Live Talk speech contest, and a member of the Junior Japan Bowl Development Committee.

He has written articles and given lectures, presentations, and reports related to teaching the Japanese language.

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