Students and volunteers gathered for the final SJA Adult Class for the 2019 Winter/Spring program last Sunday. They celebrated their friendships formed through learning Japanese together by engaging in various activities and games which were not only fun and interesting, but also served as a tool to test the students’ Japanese skills that they obtained through SJA classes in the past four months.

The “Chopstick (はし)” challenge brought out the competitive side of each student and some showcased their hidden talent in picking up candy by completing the task way before the bell rang. The “Karuta-tori” game challenged participants’ memories of hiragana characters, both in phonetic form and in shapes. While thriving to collect as many hiragana cards as possible, students helped each other find matching letter cards called out by Karen-sensei. The highlight of the night, however, was a special version of “Sugoroku,” a board game hand-made by Yoshimi Yoshida-sensei for this occasion. The game contained phrases learned in class, Japanese pop-culture quizzes, and other surprises. Each time a die was rolled, there was suspense, bursts of laughter, and a team collaboration which continued till the end.

Natto, fermented soy beans, is a savory Japanese food item but usually requires acquired taste.
Lucky Brian, who landed on the “Eat Natto” spot, got to taste Natto. Everyone enjoyed his reactions!

Yoshimi-sensei gave a farewell to the class and SJA, as she embarks on her new journey to Egypt where her husband has been assigned a new diplomatic position. She wished students luck in their Japanese studies and urged them to become a part of the community across the globe connected through the love of Japanese language and culture.


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